Mr.Andy Lowe, TESOL Trainer

Question: I am a non-native English speaker - Can I take the TESOL course?
Mr.Andy: We have enquiries from a large number of non-native speakers wishing to train as English teachers and if you fall into this category, we are happy to process your application. However, you should possess a high standard of written and spoken English and be confident in an English speaking environment. You may be required to do a written-test and attend an input of our course so that the Director of the Program can assess your level of spoken and written English.

Ms. Dương Trần Thy Diễm, TESOL Trainer

 Question: What qualifications do I need to take the course?
Ms.Thy Diễm : You must be:
• A native or fluent speaker of English
• Capable of degree level education
• Flexible with a good sense of humor and a willingness to teach
• Dedicated and reliable

Mr.Jason Ovenden, TESOL Trainer

Question: I have heard that TESOL courses are really tough, is that right?
Mr.Jason: Our teacher training courses are academically rigorous which is why we ask for a capability of degree level education. There is also a huge amount of content to be covered in just a short time (4 weeks) as well as additional reading and self-study. It is important to us that all our trainees study in a nurturing and supportive environment and we do everything we can to ensure you will pass your course. If we didn't think you could, we wouldn't have accepted you in the first place.

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